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From the Horse's Mouth newsletter

Welcome to the official website of the Sacramento Area Mustang Club. We are a friendly group of Mustang enthusiasts who enjoy doing things with our cars and our friends. Membership in the club is not limited to Mustang owners, just people who like ‘Stangs. Please join us at a meeting to learn more. We welcome everyone.

Well, we did it! The Mustangs and Fords at the Marriott 2016 is over, and we did ourselves proud! We had more cars, more awards, more people and more fun than ever before. Everyone chipped in wherever needed, and the show came off with nary a hitch. Good job everyone!

This is what car clubs are all about - everyone working together for success, new friendships, and enrichening of old friendships.

Link to all the 2016 Show Photos

Here's our officers for 2016. Dave, Mike, Fran, Zack, Cindy, Jim.
Not pictured: Fred, Todd, Mark

Introducing our new 2016 Board

President: Michael Reha
A member since 2004, Mike drives a trophy winning 2004 GT. He is enthusiastic about the many opportunities for the coming year, and will do his best to make every event a winner.

Vice President: David Slayton
Dave is a former president of SAMC. His current project is a 1972, still in pieces in the garage. With a little luck the new angine and tranny will be in by the time you read this.

Secretary and Historian: Frances Richardson
Fran is continuing her Secretary job as well as club Historian. Her grandson Zack is also an enthusiastic member and serves as Membership Coordinator.

Treasurer: Cindy Lenz
Cindy is in her third year as a member and loves to drive her '66 convertible. She says to everyone: "It's time to pay your membership dues".

Events Coordinator and Newsletter Editor: Todd Bull
Todd's bitten off a big job with both of these responsibilities together. Please do all you can to support Todd in hiswork - send him news, photos and articles for the Newsletter, volunteer to host an event (it's easy!), sign up early for car show jobs...

Member-at-Large: Jim Trifilo
Don't think a Member-at-Large just hangs around watches everything go by - Jim's job includes all the little stuff when someone needs an errand run, a quick job done... he fills in when an event needs a host - basically everything!

They join returning members Zach, Fred and Mark to complete our board for 2016.

Welcome to our new officers. Let's all give them the help they need to make this a stellar year for the Club.
And a big Thank You to the retiring board for their hard work in 2015.

Club Credo
More important than the Mustangs are the new friendships each of us will make. It doesn′t matter if we have a 64-1/2 or modified late-model Mustang. It doesn′t matter if our car is concourse quality or marred with rock chips. What does matter, is that we all are pointed in the same direction. There shall be no idle complaints about fellow members. The motivation must be for us to succeed as a group.

Sacramento Area Mustang Club Bylaws, Policies and Guidelines

The Sacramento Area Mustang Club is a member of the Mustang Club of America
Mike Reha, President

David Slayton, Vice President

Mark Perry, Website